I recently came across a list of quotes from Peter Drucker, one of the many quotes that really made me think is the topic of this blog, “If you want something new, you have to STOP doing something old.”

As I sat and thought about this some more, it really does make a valuable pitch when discussing cloud and next gen apps with potential customers. The more end users and managed service providers I deal with day to day, the more I am seeing the market hesitate to change. The same old practices and frameworks are being adopted or pulled into to these newer technologies and ways of doing things. When taking these old practices and frameworks into a newer world, its fraught with danger – personal experience has taught me that no environment is ever the same. You may always have similarities but due to the technology legacy it is near impossible to gain the simplicity customers demand. Out with the old and in with the new!

If we take a typical service provider – They have adopted the term cloud for an offering but have done nothing new to what they previously offered. Using new marketing and buzz word terms can be very damaging to business – especially when you’re not offering the definition of the term.

If we dig a little deeper into the service provider world, as the industry moves further into “software defined everything”, we are seeing legacy products (software & hardware) struggle to meet the needs of the customers. Service Providers are struggling even more to find technologies that meet the new demands of customers who want simplicity, and automation, and all the things the term ‘cloud’ has really brought to market. Service Providers need to revisit their offerings and platforms and make sure they can still be relevant to this marketplace in the future.

Now if we take the topic of this blog into consideration, new and existing players are all after a piece of this cloud market. This is new market to most of the players, which is new revenue for the business. This can mean many great things and a few key players within the market have really dominated this arena to date. As typical solution integrators and managed service provider’s try to be flexible and stay relevant in today’s market – they may have to take a risk with existing revenue streams or maybe reconsider the education of the employees. Are the traditional frameworks and methods going to work in the new world?

As we see more and more business demanding High Availability, Security and Disaster Recovery as major items on technology budgets, the technology industry is producing an enormous amount of products & solutions to deal with this. All of this is a new way of thinking, we are taking on new things and giving up on the old ways we used to work.

I have personally started focusing on the new side of the world – and will be slowing giving up on some of my old practices. I look forward to what is coming in the future!



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