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Another year has passed as VMware head to Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas for VMworld 2016. Moving on from San Francisco after 4 years’, VMworld was last in Las Vegas in 2011. VMworld is VMware’s annual event which is full of product announcements & vision for the year ahead from VMware. This year is being dominated by NSX & vSAN Sessions. With a renewed focus into the vCloud Air Network we can also see a lot more sessions focused on service providers.

Below is my list of recommended sessions for the vCloud Air Network. I have included the Saturday & Sunday sessions for Partner Exchange which provides VMware partners an insight into the announcements and fun before the General Event kicks off on Monday.

If you are heading to VMworld in Las Vegas please reach out to myself, I look forward to catching up with you!

Partner ONLY Sessions

Saturday 27th August

1:00-3:00pm vCloud Availability for vCloud Director (Disaster Recovery) [PAR10001-BC] – Palm Room F, Level 3, Mandalay Bay Convention Center

Sunday 28th August

8:30-9:30am  vCloud Availability: Enabling Disaster Recovery as a Service for vCloud Air Network Service Providers [PAR9816]

8:30-9:30am Building and Enabling a Hybrid Cloud with vCloud Director – A Perspective for Service Providers [PAR9814]

9:45-10:45am vCloud Architecture Toolkit for Service Providers – Recipes for vCAN Success [PAR9847]

9:45-10:45am Hybrid Cloud Networking and Security: Leverage NSX to extend Customers on-prem data centers and secure their applications in a Hybrid Cloud environment [PAR9815]

11:15-12:15pm – Partner General Session

1:30-2:30pm – The Partner Opportunity with vCloud Air [PAR9774]

1:30-2:30pm – Increased Success in the Cloud; Leveraging the vCloud Air Network to Fuel Partner Growth [PAR10790]

2:00-2:30pm – Generate Revenue with vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA) for Service Providers [HBC7661-QT]

4:00-4:30pm – Backups to the cloud – Leverage the cloud for Business Continuity [HBC10704-QT]

4:00-5:00pm – Hyper-converged, Software-Defined Storage: A New Profitable Revenue Path for Cloud Service Providers [PAR9851]

5:00-6:00pm – Partner Exchange Networking Reception [PAR10769]

General Event – Open to Public

Monday 29th August

11:30-12:30am – Hybrid Cloud: Automated and validated VMware deployments on IBM Cloud [HBC9949-SPO]

11:30-12:30am – OnApp: your hybrid cloud delivered [HBC9611-SPO]

12:30-1:30pm – A Cloud Service Provider’s Success Story: Adoption of vSphere with Operations Management [INF7578]

1:00-2:00pm – Virtualize, Secure, and Extend Your Data Center to the Cloud Using NSX: A Perspective for Service Providers and End Users [HBC7830]

2:00-3:00pm – How VMware Cloud Foundation powers the IBM Cloud [SDDC9176]

2:30-3:30 – How to Connect Your On-Premises Data Center to the Cloud [HBC9185]

2:30-3:30 – Getting the Most Out of Your Hybrid Cloud Service Provider [HBC8861]

5:30-6:30 – Deep Dive: VMware on IBM Cloud Validated Design [HBC8491]

5:30-6:30 – Solve Your Citrix Problems with VMware Technologies [EUC7856]

Tuesday 30th August

11:00-12:00am – Network as a Service (NaaS) Transformation with NSX [NET8368]

2:00-3:00pm – What’s New in VMware Integrated OpenStack Version 3.0! [MGT7671]

2:30-3:30pm – Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Deep Dive [SDDC9461-SPO]

2:30-3:30pm – Level Up to IT as a Service with Hyper-Converged [SDDC9465-SPO]

3:30-4:30pm – Data Sovereignty and Compliance Automation In The Cloud [HBC8484]

3:20-3:40pm – Evolve Your BC/DR Technology [STP9438]

3:30-4:30pm – Group Discussions: Service Provider Deployement of NSX with Andrew Brydon and Luke Bennett [NET10711-GD] [Telstra Session]

4:00-5:00pm – Group Discussion: Telco Cloud Transformation; building a unified cloud for the Communication Service Provider industry with Philip Kippen [CTO10749-GD]

Wednesday 31st August

8:00-9:00am – How OVH, vCloud Air Network Service Provider, Is Using NSX to Easily Onboard Workloads to the Cloud [HBC8799]

8:00-9:00am – Under the Hood with Identity Manager and Office 365 [EUC8745]

8:30-9:30am – Virtual SAN for VMware Service Providers [STO9079]

12:30-1:30pm – Why Cloud Networking and Security Matter – A Primer for Choosing Your Ideal Cloud Provider [HBC8226]

1:00-2:00pm – Managing Microsoft Azure with the vRealize Suite [MGT8770]

3:30-4:30pm – Data Protection as a service for your vCloud Director environment with Veeam [HBC9463-SPO]

4:00-5:00pm – Licensing SQL Server and Oracle on vSphere [VIRT9009]

Thursday 1st September

12:00-1:00pm – The Role of VIO and NSX in Virtualizing the Telecoms Infrastructure [NET8832]

1:30-2:30pm – Build True Hybrid Clouds: See How Service Providers Can Use NSX to Extend Customer On-Premises Data Centers [HBC7602]

1:30-2:30pm – Making It Easy to Orchestrate and Automate Your Hybrid Cloud Environment [HBC8474]

After Hours Entertainment

For the night owls please see the following link for entertainment after hours.


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