Earlier this month VMware held its annual conference, VMworld in wonderful San Francisco. See my earlier post “VMworld 2015 – Ready for Any“.

To set the scene, VMworld was held at the Moscone Centre, and had 23,000+ attendee’s from 88 countries present and another 50,000+ attendee’s joining online. The week starts off with a day dedicated to VMware partners, Partner Exchange (PEX) at VMworld. This is an opportunity for partners to get an early preview of the announcements and headlining content prior to the general public. Partner Exchange (PEX) also provides a day full of sessions that you can attend.

The rest of the week is jam packed full of great content and sessions from VMware, vendors, partners and even customers. General Sessions are held on Monday (Day 1), Tuesday (Day 2) and Thursday (Day 4).

The General Sessions were full of announcements from VMware’s global executive team. Carl Eschenbach (@carl_eschenbach ) President and Chief Operating Officer opened Monday’s General Session providing insights to the crowd of VMware’s journey and also made some acknowledgements along the way. Carl spent time talking about VMware’s contribution back to the community with the VMware Foundation providing attendee’s an option to choose from 4 main topics (Children, Education, Health, Environment) for #vGiveBack. The focus for the rest of the session and Tuesday’s keynote was then top of mind with Carl walking us through at a high level the following 4 pillars;




Next up Carl discussed the “Architecture for IT – SDDC” and how this helps VMware support its customers with the One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device mantra.

Mike Benson EVP & CIO for DirecTV joins Carl on stage to provide to discuss how VMware product’s have helped DirecTV deal with large growth and maintaining it’s IT platform.

Stepping into the first pillar “Run” Bill Father’s EVP & GM Cloud Services announces VMware’s strategy with the Unified Hybrid Cloud. Raghu Raghuram EVP & GM SDDC joins to provide more detail on the Unified Hybrid Cloud, discussing Hybrid Applications.

Raghu covers the 3 main investment trenches for the SDDC, Simplify, Extend & Reach.

Yanbing Li VP Storage and Availability joins Raghu on stage to delve deeper into the trenches. Starting with Simplify, we see product announcements for vRealize Suite, NSX 6.2, and Virtual SAN 6.1. Tieing all this together, an extending the EVO portfolio, VMware announces VMware EVO SDDC (an evolution of EVO Rack), zero to software defined data centre in 2 hours.

Key Product Announcements;

  • VMware NSX 6.2
  • VMware vRealize Opertions 6.1
  • vRealize Log Insight 3
  • VMware Integrated OpenStack 2
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager 6.1

Moving into Extend, we see some coverage and improvement of the content library and NSX Platform features, with a tech preview of Project Skyscaper, Raghu and Yanbing provide a demonstration of a live workload migration with Cross-Cloud vMotion.

Chief Executive Officer of Virtustream Rodney Rogers educates the crowd on xStream and the possibilities with the EMC Federation.

Ray O’Farrell CTO & CDO Cloud Native Applications introduces the crowd to micro-services and containerization. Welcoming to the stage Kit Colbert VP and CTO to demonstrate VMware’s solutions in the containerization world, VMware Integrated Containers and VMware Photon.

On to Tuesday’s General Sessions for Day 2 of VMworld, we are discussing the “Deliver” pillar. Sanjay Poonen (@spoonen) EVP & GM End User Computing provides some insight into the commercial aspects of the End User Computer opportunity. Introduces the crowd to “The Economist – Planet of the phones, 80% of the world will have a super computer in their pocket.”

As a warm up for the rest of the session, Sanjay starts to break down consumer simplicity with enterprise security providing the customers a trusted infrastructure. Sanjay announces VMware Identity Manager and also educates the crowd on AirWatch.

Following on the VMware announcements, Sanjay welcomes a special guest to the stage, Microsoft’s Jim Alkove – Microsoft Corp VP Windows Enterprise and Security.




Jim and Sanjay discuss Microsoft Windows 10, and Jim provides the crowd with some great insight into Microsoft’s strategy with Windows 10 and it’s focus on security.

Noah Wasmer VP Product Manager joins Sanjay on the stage to provide a tech preview of Project A2, App Volumes for application deployment into a physical desktop environment. Wrapping up the End User Computing session, VMware announce the use case for Horizon, AirWatch & NSX.

Wrapping up the pillars with Secure, Martin Casado SVP & GM NSX graces the stage to enable the crowd with NSX and its value to VMware customers.

Martin starts the topic discussing, “The App is the Network”, realigning the customer’s perception of the data center. Highlighting 3 Key challenges that NSX is tackling;

  • Challenge #1 – Provisioning and Configuration
  • Challenge #2 – Troubleshooting
  • Challenge #3 – Security

VMware roll a few video case studies with the main key take away for the crowd being the following comment, “In 18 months, we’ve moved from the Flinstones to the Jetsons”. This provides a great segway for Martin to elaborate on infinite services.

Welcoming Tom Corn Senior VP Security to the stage to discuss network encryption, and how NSX is tackling running trusted services on untrusted architectures, solving network protection with point products. NSX is able to provide distributed network encryption, and data-at-rest encryption.

To finish up the main keynote sessions from VMware for VMworld, Pat Gelsinger CEO takes the stage. Pat discusses the journey of internet connectivity in 1995 to where we are now with mobile cloud connectivity. Pat provides some fantastic statistics of connected devices from across the world (1995 – 0.1 Per Person, 2015 – 2.9 Per Person and 2020 – 5.9 Per Person). Pat also shows an impressive statistic of how the iOS App Revenue has surpassed the U.S film industry revenue. Pat enlightens the crowd informing us that currently there are 7200 objects orbiting Earth. Wrapping up Pat’s session he discusses 5 imperatives for the digital business;

  1. Impact of Mobile Cloud
  2. Professional Era of Cloud
  3. Security
  4. Proactive Technology
  5. Taking risks becomes the lowest risk.

As is the tradition the keynotes close with the announcement of dates and venue of the the next VMworld.

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