I have just returned from a week in San Francisco, after attending the annual VMworld conference. This conference is VMware’s customer focused event of the year, where they make most major announcements (A second VMworld is held in Barcelona that VMware will announce more things). This was my 3rd VMworld, and each time it gets better and better. The event spans 5 days and is packed full of a variety of content, ranging from entry level to deep dive technical. After hours at the event is also very lively, with vendors throwing parties and entertaining customers.

This year, VMware have solidified their Vision and Strategy with further detail and insight into the Software Defined Data Center Architecture. With the announcement of EVO:Rail, VMware are entering the ‘hyper-converged’ market. EVO:Rail is designed to simplify the deployment of VMware infrastructure, the hyper-converged product comes with vSphere & LogInsight pre-installed and a customized GUI that helps the customer deploy. EVO:Rail has a limited scale.

VMware have rebranded vCloud Hybrid Service and the VMware Service Provider Program. The VMware cloud is now known as vCloud Air, and the service provider partners are members of the vCloud Air Network. VMware is leveraging the vCloud Air Network to extend the VMware offering globally, and have also rebranded the badges in the program.

During the conference, a few major products for vCloud Air have also been announced, the most relevant of all is VPC OnDemand. VMware are entering the PAYG, credit card style cloud market directly competing with Amazon Web Services. This is still in beta, and further detail will follow in regards to this service offering. Other products that have been announced for the vCloud Air product line are as follows;

  • DevOps as a Services
  • Database as a Service (Based on Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL)
  • Object Storage (EMC ViPR)
  • Mobility Services (Airwatch & Pivotal CF)
  • Cloud Management

VMware are also starting to move from the IaaS market into a SaaS market, with some upcoming products that will be offered under the vRealize/Air banner that will provide Cloud Management for customers and service providers.

A few hot topics of the conference are around the announcement  and VMware’s commitment to OpenStack and Docker. OpenStack and Docker are very hot topics within the industry lately, and VMware is capitalizing on this and releasing a VMware OpenStack distribution, more detail on this will also come shortly. This is something I am personally very interested in, and I think will change the service provider market as it stands today.

NSX 6.1 was also announced which contains quite a few enhancements, unfortunately I missed some sessions that I wanted to attend on this, so will be looking forward to the sessions being made available where I can catch up on what the changes are.

Within the EUC arena, VMware have recently acquired CloudVolumes, which they demo’ed in the 2nd day keynote. This was very impressive and I highly recommend you watch the keynotes if you have not already had the chance (VMware Now).

As in previous years, the conference has opportunities for training using the Hands on Labs, and also discounted certification. This is great for team enablement and to learn the new upcoming products. For anyone who wants to know more please see the HoL online.

VMware has a very large community following within the industry and this year vBrownBag hosted many TechTalks within the Hang Space, I had the opportunity to watch a few these and found them very valuable. I was also able to connect with some very community focused people which was fantastic and I look forward to networking with them further as this year progress’s.

I am looking forward to VMworld Barcelona to see what further announcements VMware make this year within their product lines, and hope they continue to build on the momentum they have within the industry.



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