Software Inventory Licensing Aggregator – Install, Configure & Manage is a follow on from my previous post – ‘Software Inventory Licensing Aggregator – Is Microsoft license management giving you a headache?’. The first post led to a lot of conversations outside of my blog from customers in regards to this new tool from Microsoft.

Unfortunately I have not had the bandwidth to get back to more hands on testing myself with the tool but why reinvent the wheel? I found this great series by . In the 5 part series Kirill walks you through the installation, configuration and management of Software Inventory Logging.

SPLA Reporting Part 1 – Introduction

SPLA Reporting Part 2 – Installing SILA (Software Inventory Licensing Aggregator)

SPLA Reporting Part 3 – Adding Virtualization hosts to SILA (Software Inventory Licensing Aggregator)

SPLA Reporting Part 4 – Configuring SIL (Software Inventory Logging)

SPLA Reporting Part 5 – Creating and Submitting Inventory Report

Managing Microsoft licensing in a Service Provider environment can be very challenging, I highly recommend this tool for helping you track license usage. While the tool may appear to add some complication certainly in a brown field deployment – it has proved worth the effort in the environments I have seen utilise it.


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