Connecting to vCenter with VMware Fusion

To connect VMware Fusion to vCenter, select “Connect to Server” from VMware Fusion’s file menu.

Fill in your vCenter or ESXi IP/FQDN, username and password

Connect_and_Virtual_Machine_LibraryHit Connect and start managing your virtual machines from VMware Fusion.

Virtual_Machine_Library_and_Kali_Linux___Penetration_Testing_and_Ethical_Hacking_Linux_Distribution Virtual_Machine_Library_and_Managing_the_lab_with_VMware_Fusion_»_QD_Solutions

To avoid jumping between multiple computers, I have started managing my home lab vCenter with VMware’s Fusion product. VMware Fusion gives you basic console and management capabilities of the virtual machines within the environment. For basic console tasks, VMware Fusion has been very valuable for me during my studies while jumping between multiple nested environments. I also utilize VMware Fusion to manage some dedicated ESXi hosts that have free ESXi on and it works great.


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