I ran into Kemp on the conference floors, the product looked quite polished and got me interested following a demonstration by the booth staff. It has taken me awhile to find time to with play it, but I have deployed a Virtual LoadMaster (Kemp’s Free Load Balancer) into my home lab for some further investigation.

The below slideshow runs through a very basic 6 step process to getting this up and running;

  • Step #1 – End User License Agreement Screen
  • Step #2 – Choose Your License Type – Free, Purchased or 30 Day Trial?
  • Step #3 – Allow Call Home – Following your license selection you are prompted to allow a call home feature
  • Step #4 – Obtain your license – Enter your Kemp ID and Password, this retrieves/activates your license.
  • Step #5 – LoadMaster License Activation – Quick window confirming license activation
  • Step #6 – Main User Interface – Following your license activation, you can now start configuration of the Kemp LoadMaster.




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