Following the General Session on Partner Exchange 2015 Day #1, VMware held breakout keynote sessions for various route to markets. Being aligned so tightly with the vCloud Air Network, ITaaS4751 Service Provider Keynote seemed the most relevant one to attend for myself.

I found this session was well received by the attendee’s and was surprised to have a big executive presence in the keynote. Bill Fathers, Martin Casado and Sanjay Poonen all presented and covered in some more detail how the relevant VMware business units are approaching Service Providers and key goto markets.

The host spent time reiterating VMware’s focus and commitment to vCloud Director for Service Providers. I think this was time well spent, as lately it has certainly been questioned what the life expectancy of vCloud Director would be even for Service Providers. They touched on new features and integration that is coming to align members of the vCloud Air Network that provide vCloud services alignment to VMware’s own vCloud Air service.

The VMware and Google partnership announcement was lightly touched on highlighting the key products that are involved in the partnership. Google was invited to the stage to also comment on the value of the partnership to Google and the Google Development Network. I think this partnership will be interesting, I am still waiting to see some more detail on how the services will be priced and delivered to the vCloud Air Network.

Martin Casado spent time talking about NSX and how it benefits and adds value to service providers. The main key take away I took from Martin’s talk that I found slightly different than what I have already seen presented and talked about was some notes on one of his slides covering the most common use cases. Martin talked about NSX being consumed to provide solutions for the following use cases, Customer On-Boarding, Disaster Recovery Services, Private Networking in the Cloud and Firewall Services. I was surprised to see that not a lot of time was spent on micro-segmentation.

Overall I found this session valuable but was left wanting more time for some deeper content from all of the presenters.


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