I recently came across a list of quotes from Peter Drucker, one of the many quotes that really made me think is the topic of this blog, “If you want something new, you have to STOP doing something old.” As I sat and thought about this some more, it really does make a valuable pitch when discussing cloud and next gen apps with potential […]
Many cloud migrations are done with a lift and shift migration. Relocating legacy virtual machines or converting physical machines into a service providers virtual environment. This method is all about relocating the workload, and cost saving by removing the CapEx expense of physical infrastructure (Generally storage, compute and reduced network infrastructure) within the customer environment. Service Providers are not evolving past this and continue […]
Recently I have had a common question come up with lots of discussions that I have with Service Providers (this will help anyone building or delivering a service not just Service Providers). The question is aimed at how to productize a service, what get’s included and what gets excluded. Unfortunately no simple answer to this question exists, as it really does depend. What does […]
Businesses are after consumerisation and the delivery of IT in new ways. Traditional IT is no longer fulfilling business needs and should not be moved to the cloud in its current state. Stop the lift and shift mentality, think outside the box and be innovative for each of your opportunities. How can you transform traditional IT to something more productive and valuable? Recent conversations […]
Service Integrators, Managed Service Providers and other companies are implementing cloud services or consuming products as a service today. I think it is imperative to highlight that these two are different things but commonly confused and labelled with cloud.. A cloud is defined by key characteristics; on-demand self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity or expansion, and measured service. ‘X’ as a Service […]